I’m Out (feat. RJay)


Teaming up on me I guess it’s time to get in to the huddle
Yeah you had something to say so it’s time for my rebuttal
Sneak disses at me yeah you did it so subtle
Now it’s time to pack up that ego here comes the shuttle

Hit em up with the niceness
That feel bad feeling priceless
Being with you was timeless
Put you on a pedestal now it’s back to being Cinderella your highness


I had went through a breakup
Yeah I was slept on so I had to wakeup
No there was no chance of makeup
U breathed new life in me

Came back from the dead dark then found the light
All the keystrokes and u was not my type
Happy now but are you really alright


I’m winning.
I got the title
You lost, no sign of vitals
I’m vital
You couldn’t get verse if u read it out the bible

I’m Out

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