If bands will make her dance
Then what will make her learn
Because knowledge is worth more then the money you earn
More important than dancing to make a quick buck
What else you do for that money, try my luck

I can prolly think of 69 ways u 6 9’d in his coup ‘69
Prolly getting paid for each minute it last 6 dollars 9 c
If bands make you dance
What a milli do
It’s kinda silly
Cuz all you ask for is bands thinkin it’s good n plenty
Thinking I’ve done good and plenty
Seen good n plenty
So you thinking his good his plenty
I pity
The fool you become if you follow the lines of juicy j
He may not say no to ratchet ratchet however you may
Bands Make Her Dance
How about dancing because you have bands n give that a chance

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